At Grand View Health, we believe every one of us has a role to play in making our community healthy and strong. That’s why we’ve embarked on a capital campaign to ensure we’re all ready for what’s next, while continuing to deliver exceptional healthcare in a familiar place, right here, close to home.

There’s No Place Like Home

When your health—or the health of a loved one—is in jeopardy, you need to know that you can get the best care close to home, surrounded by people who care about you, because they know you. Your participation in the This Is Us Together campaign will ensure those you care about can heal close to home.

Grand View Hospital aerial view rendering

Care Away from Home

Agnes figured it would be a short ride to the familiar place where she spent so many fulfilling volunteer hours.

A Step Ahead

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and Grand View Health is committed to staying ahead of the curve, for the sake of our patients and our whole community. That’s why we are investing $184 million to expand clinical services and construct a state-of-the-art facility.

Medical professionals in scrubs working in the Emergency Room

Home for the Holidays

In its first year of 24/7 operations, the heart team in the cardiac catheterization lab at Grand View Health treated 45 patients and saved every single life, including Allen Tuttle’s.

Ready for What’s Next

Designed for the Future

We’re responding to the lessons of COVID-19 by building flexibility into the form and function of our hospital addition, so we will be ready to meet the needs of every patient.

The Latest Technology

With your support, we’ll maximize the benefit of new technology while maintaining the compassionate, personalized care that is our hallmark.

Level II Trauma Ready

Everyone in the community will benefit from the high level of on-site expertise available around the clock, including trauma-related surgical specialists. 

How to give

Your support for the This Is Us Together campaign is critical to building a healthcare system that’s ready to care for all of us, no matter what.

Your Impact