This Is Us Together

We did it! Thanks to our many generous employees, we have raised $255,885.34 to land the chopper and name the rooftop helipad in honor of Grand View Health employees.

Let’s keep it going! It’s never too late to make a gift that supports the new pavilion. Submit your pledge and you will be entered to win a free massage or facial with Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. Download your pledge form today!

Donation Forms

Completed forms can be submitted by:

  1. Email to
  2. Mail to Grand View Health Foundation, 700 Lawn Avenue, Sellersville, PA 18960
  3. Fax to 215-513-3948
  4. For more information or questions, call 215-513-3935.

Employee Donor List

The Grand View Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following employee donors who made a gift to the This Is Us Together campaign.

Renee Acconciamessa
David & Erin Alderfer
Sharon Allison
Karen J. Andrade
Anonymous (53)
Zachariah Apela
Sharon and Kevin Argue
Michael and Heidi Aubertin
Linda J. Baker
Kimberly Baughman, RN
Dave and Lori Bergey
Keith Berry
William and Wendy Bingaman
Ruth A. Bischoff
Janet Boughter
The Boylan Family
Dianne Brand
Dr. Richard and Dale Buckler
Kay Bukta
Jennifer Butler, MD & Alex Olimpo
Debra Burgert
Jean Burns
Susan Byrnes
Diane and Steve Carp
Christopher and Janet Cervi
Tracy Christie BSN, RN, CEN
Pat and Dennis Christoforetti
Roger Cicero
Julie and Wayne Clerkin, Jr.
Kevin and Colleen Clark
Courtney and John Coffman
Joseph and Laura Cullen
Colleen Daley, RN MSNed
Tapati Das
Kayla M. Davidock
Karen Day
Heather DeMeno
Donna Derstine
Tara Detweiler
Wendy S. Detweiler
Leota M. DeVicaris
Lorraine DiFrancesco
Sue and John Dormer
James and Christina Dougherty
Gail Drew
Danielle Duffy
Deborah Ann Dull
Matt & Julie Dutton
Lori J. Dzumaga
Brad Eliff
Joanne Engle
Dr. Luis Espaillat
Heather Evers
The Every Family
Patricia Falcone
The Febus Family
Elaine Feiss
Dr. Jane A. Ferry
Sandra Fetterman
Holly Figueiredo
Jeana Figueiredo
Evelyn Figueroa
Liz Figueroa
Jennifer Finley
Margaret Fitzgerald
Jillian Fontana
Fay D. Forst-Younger
Michelle Forsythe
Dawn Frank
Donna Freed
Gary and Beth Freed

Michelle Gawronski, RN
Carol E. Gayman
Mary Goddard
Brian and Marie-Josee Green
Christine Grey
Benita Grill
Gail Grim
Mr. Robert Grosch & Dr. Suzann Szewczak
GVH Post-Acute Care
Susan Haas
Sarah Haines
Gail Haldeman
Keith and Kristin Hammerschmidt
Laurel Hange
Mari-Cay Hartman
Donna Hasse
Jary Heckler
Michael and Shelly Henning
Thomas Hennink
Mark and Debbie Horne
Jacqueline Howenstein
Douglas Hughes
Janice Hunsberger
Drs. Miroslawa Jablonski and Jonathan Cohen
Benjamin and Sandy Huskin
Jack and Beth Jamison
Deborah Jansen
Susannah L. Jasinski
Ronnie Jones
Terry and Lucia Jones
Wendy L. Kaiser
Barbara L. Karcher
Peg Keach
Jean M Keeler and David J Salabsky
Glenn and Debbie Keller
Robert and Joann Knauff
Amy Kolb
Ann Kolb
Loretta A. Kolb
Sherry Kornmeyer
Denise Kratz
Ron & Maria Kriner
Sue Kuhns
Erin Landis
Jill and Bryan Laudenslager
Nancy Layre
Rebecca Lederach
Sherri Lee
Patricia Lembo
Madeline Lenart
Denise LePera
Cindy Limbert
Ann Lodge
Michelle Loeb
Kathleen Long
Jane Doll Loveless
Gail and Chris Lutz
Madyson & Carter
Liz Mahon
Daniel and Donna Manning
Mary Masiewicz
Carolyn and Eric Mattern
Harry & Tracey McElhare
Suzanne & Tom McFadden
Annette McGough
Erica Merrill
Mary Lou Metzler
Gary and Carlene Meyers
Maria Angelina Milite
Sharon Montgomery
Beth Mosser

Carol S. Moyer
Stephanie Neher
Marlene B. Newnam
Mary Nicolai, RN
Debra Ann Ocampo
John Olszewski
Judi Orme
Kate Palmisano
Mark Paules
Gary Prasalowicz
Joseph and Kathleen Peca
Ms. Lesia Peck
Esther Penderghest
Sherry L. Petrucelli
Brian and Noelle Plajer
Wendy B. Raifsnider
Robin Reddick
Fran Reichert
Carol Rementer
Patty Riggs
Wanda Riggs
Diane Roberts
Kimberly L. Rood
Gail Rodenberger
Melissa Rosenberger
Jan Rossi
Nancy V. Runta
Patti Salemno
Debbie Schatz
Jeffery L. Schatz
Brian Schneider
Rochelle Sfida-Pestrak
Deborah Shafer
Randy & Terri Shoultes
John and Kathleen Skyrm
Laura Slingsby
Kerianne Smith
Robert Smith
Susan Smith
Allison Snow
Lynn V. Snyder
Linda Spier
Brian and Bessie Staehle
Maryan L. Stanley
Donna Stifnell
Claudette R. Strauss
Kay & David Sutton
Tammy Suyematsu
Jonathan A. Swart
Alli Tomeo
Julia Umstead
Debra A. Vasey
Alfred Vasta, MD
Teresa and Joseph Vogel
Lisa Waldman
Tracy Walker
Rose Walsh
Julie Walter
Sharon L. Wampole
Dee Weaver, RN
Nancy Weiss
Cynthia Westphal
Geri Wickersham
Karen Williams
Frances Wolfson
Donna Young
Phyllis Young
Kathleen Zayas
Judith Zepp
Karen L. Ziegler