Giving Opportunities

Now we’re calling on you.

People around here help each other out. It’s part of what makes this a great place to live. All of us at Grand View Health are proud to be part of this caring community.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had plans to upgrade our hospital to meet the future needs of our community. And while we are proud of Grand View Health’s nimble and robust handling of the pandemic, it was a stark reminder that we need to invest today in order to be ready for whatever comes next.

You have a pivotal role in helping our community be ready for the future of healthcare. Because you are part of Us.

PavilioN BUILDING                                                                                $ 5,000,000
Main Lobby Area$1,000,000
Reception Area$250,000 – Reserved
Serenity Lounge$150,000 – Reserved
Cafe$100,000 – Reserved
Cafe Patio$75,000 – Reserved
Gift Shop $50,000 – Reserved
Serenity Garden$50,000 – Reserved
Art$20,000 – Reserved
Outside Bench (12)$5,000 – Reserved
Emergency Department$2,000,000
Waiting Room$100,000 – Reserved
Trauma Bay – Large$200,000 – Reserved
Trauma Bay – Small$100,000 – Reserved
Emergency Preparedness Room$75,000 – Reserved
At-Risk Room (4)$60,000
Treatment Room (25)$60,000 – 3 Reserved
Family Waiting Room
(Sarah Ott Carlin Memorial)
$50,000 – Reserved
Triage Room (2)$40,000 – Reserved
Work Room, MD$40,000
Huddle Room$25,000 – Reserved
EMS Room$25,000 – Reserved
Nurses Station (2)$25,000 – Reserved
On Call Room$25,000 – Reserved
Art$15,000 – Reserved
Office (4)$10,000 – Reserved
Outside Bench$5,000 – Reserved
Radiology Department$500,000 – Reserved
CAT Scan Room (2)$100,000 – Reserved
MRI Room$100,000 – Reserved
Multipurpose Room$75,000
Patient Holding Room$60,000
Mammography Room$50,000 – Reserved
Radiography Room (2) $50,000
Radiography Fluoroscopy Room$50,000
Waiting Room$50,000 – Reserved
Ultrasound Room (4)$40,000 – 1 Reserved
Reception and Work Room$30,000 – Reserved
Staff Lounge$25,000 – Reserved
Shared Reading Room$25,000 – Reserved
Nurses Station$25,000 – Reserved
Work Room, Ultrasound$20,000 – Reserved
Procedural Unit Surgical Suite$1,000,000
Operating Room (10)$150,000 – 2 Reserved
MD Lounge$100,000 – Reserved
Waiting Room$75,000 – Reserved
Anesthesia Lounge$50,000 – Reserved
Endoscopy Room (2)$35,000
Procedure Room, Bronchoscopy $35,000 – Reserved
Reception and Work Room$30,000 – Reserved
Staff Lounge$25,000 – Reserved
Nurses Station (2)$25,000 – Reserved
Prep Recovery, Patient Holding Room (2)$20,000
Pocket Garden$20,000 – Reserved
Prep Recovery Room (22)$15,000 – 2 Reserved
Consultation Room (2)$15,000
Art$15,000 – Reserved
Office (5)$10,000 – 1 Reserved
Flexible Acuity Unit (ICU/PCU)$1,000,000 Reserved
Waiting Room$75,000 – Reserved
Multipurpose Room$75,000 – Reserved
Flexible Acuity Private Room (26)$50,000 – 2 Reserved
Staff Lounge$50,000 – Reserved
Family Lounge$50,000 – Reserved
Staff Station (2)$25,000 – Reserved
Team Work Room$20,000 – Reserved
Consultation Room$15,000 – Reserved
Art$15,000 – Reserved
Office (2)$10,000
Inpatient Floor$500,000
Multipurpose Room$75,000
Waiting Room$75,000 – Reserved
Family Lounge$50,000 – Reserved
Staff Lounge$50,000 – Reserved
Private Room (26)$40,000 – 4 Reserved
Staff Station (2)$25,000 – Reserved
Art$15,000 – Reserved
Consultation Room$15,000 – Reserved
Office (2)$10,000
Helicopter Pad$250,000 Reserved
Green Roof (2)$150,000

Named Gift Opportunities

Donor Recognition

All Gifts of $10,000 or more will receive plaque recognition in the new Main Lobby. Gifts of $1,000 or more will receive online recognition on the campaign website. All donors may choose to be anonymous.

How to Give

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Contact: David L. Alderfer
Director of Development
700 Lawn Ave., Sellersville, PA 18960